Intensive Panchakarma

This very intensive minimum 14 day purification treatment serves for treating special problems, such as pain in the joints, rheumatism, weakness of eyesight, indigestion, haemorrhoids, high blood pressure or beginning neurodermatis, to name just a few.

Ideally, the treatment should last three weeks, for which not less than 60 treatments and applications are required, adjusted to the person involved and his/her problems. Therapies will be individually established and accompanied by a physician, supplemented by yoga, meditation, natural medicine and Ayurveda food.

Depending on the medical prerequisites, needs and personal wishes, the Panchakarma Classical Concept can contain the following items:

  • daily consultation of a physician, as required
  • head massage
  • facial massage
  • foot massage
  • Pichu (various types of packings)
  • herbal face packing
  • whole body peeling
  • acupressure treatment
  • special dorsum pain treatments
  • Shirodhara treatment
  • full body oil pouring
  • full body massage
  • full body synchronic massage
  • Pindasweda (thermo massage with rice pouches)
  • Thapasweda (herbal massage)
  • steam bath
  • sauna
  • inhalation
  • nose-sinus purification
  • herbal baths
  • gut cleaning
  • herbal oil enema
  • Siro Virechana (head treatment)
  • Ayurveda flower bath