Safe and Secure Certificate

First of all, we would like to inform you about the general COVID 19 situation in Sri Lanka at the beginning of July.
With a population of around 22 million, current official publications count a total of around 265,600 cases of infection and slightly more than 3,200 deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic, for which a connection with an infection cannot be ruled out.
A large proportion of those infected are guest workers who contracted the disease abroad and returned to Sri Lanka infected. The navy was also affected by some major clusters.
We have received a lot of enquiries in the last few weeks and months and we can literally feel how much many of you are longing for an Ayurveda break again. We have kept the villa in excellent shape, our team is perfectly positioned, full of energy and we are happy that we can open our doors again at the beginning of September.
At the end of April, the Sri Lankan authorities certified us as a COVID 19-safe "Level 1" hotel. We are therefore entitled to accommodate guests under legally prescribed conditions, which serve to protect our guests and staff from infection as best as possible, and to pamper them with Ayurvedic treatments to strengthen the immune system in the usual quality. A quarantine stay at another place after entry and before the beginning of the stay in our house is therefore not necessary.
This COVID 19 protection is guaranteed by a "safety bubble" into which our guests and staff enter for the duration of your stay on the hotel premises. All guests are free to move around within the bubble (except before the end of the second day after submitting the negative PCR test on arrival), including the use of our private beach. Leaving the bubble before the end of the stay is permitted on a limited basis (see details below). After completion of a stay of at least 14 days in a "Level 1" hotel, each guest is free to move around the country and e.g. start a round trip. If the security bubble is left, a return to the bubble is unfortunately NOT possible.
These governmental restrictions will apply for the time being until they can hopefully be relaxed from autumn 2021 onwards due to an improved general situation.
When you arrive at the airport, you will have to show a negative PCR test, which must not be older than 72 hours before boarding the flight. During your stay in our house, two further PCR tests will be carried out, the first immediately after arrival and the second between the 11th and 14th day of your stay.
There is a legal obligation to take out COVID 19 insurance, which is valid for 30 days and is covered by a local insurer at a flat rate of USD 12,-- per person.
We organise the safe transfer from the airport to the hotel, the PCR tests in our office and the COVID 19 insurance, and can thus obtain the official reference number for you, which is required together with the hotel voucher in order to apply for the entry visa.
Our efforts are aimed at preventing the spread of COVID 19 and protecting the health of our guests and the local population. However, the stay in our house is at your own risk.
We are happy to organise safe tours and excursions for you!
As soon as we are informed about the expected gradual facilitations, we will inform you about them on our website under "News/Specials".
We will be happy to give you information by telephone under the following Austrian mobile phone numbers:
Helmut 0043 664 1636 736
Nicole 0043 664 73354692
All of us, our staff as well as the management, are looking forward to seeing you soon!

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