Sri Lanka News

For all who are interested in finding peace and relaxation in Villa Lanka Pearl, there are great news. Tourists from Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as from all other countries of the world are allowed to enter Sri Lanka without any further restrictions. So it is no longer necessary to take a PCR test or show a valid vaccination certificate before traveling.

Unfortunately, from January 2023 the cost of the visa has been increased to 50 dollars, but the good news is: for all those who would like to do an Ayurveda treatment at Villa Lanka Pearl in February, the Villa will take over these fees. There are also special offers waiting for you - we will be happy to put together a personal arrangement for you.
Many people have concerns to travel the island at the moment, therefore we would like to report about the current situation of the island: Sri Lanka is, due to a high national debt, in an economic crisis. However, it should be noted that tourists are not really affected by the repercussions. In the media, for example, there are reports of power outages, has always been in Sri Lanka, but these are cushioned by our generator. There is also the information that food imports from abroad are limited, yet the supermarkets are well supplied. Ayurveda products are also available without restriction. Protests take place, if at all, extremely peaceful and not in tourist areas. The media coverage is generally not wrong, but makes the impression that the whole country is in a state of emergency, but this is not so and are in no comparison to the weekly demonstrations in Europe. All in all, it can be said that the usual everyday life awaits travelers in Sri Lanka.
Everyone who has ever been to Sri Lanka has certainly felt the very special warmth of the locals. This has not changed. Due to the negative reports in the worldwide media, the people are very afraid that the tourists will finally stay away. The population is more than ever dependent on income from tourism and welcomes all guests traveling through the country with open arms.
This also applies to the team of Villa Lanka Pearl and they hope to be able to pamper you soon with an Ayurveda treatment to strengthen body, mind and soul.