Villa News

Our new rooms:

The fabulous rooms in our new building are located on the ground and 2 upper floors. Recreation in style continues to be our focus. Being open in front of the beauty of nature makes our exquisite rooms a perfect domicile for all those who wish to relax in an exquisite atmosphere. For this purpose we have chosen mostly natural materials such as baked bricks, sand, stone, wood and also antique elements.

Next to the main Villa is a new building, called the Garden Villa: On the ground floor of the garden villa you will find a large terrace, where you can indulge in yoga and other activities in case it rains. Upstairs you find a bright and spacious room for 2 persons.

These rooms also feature high-quality equipment, including air condition, ceiling fan and TV/DVD player. So we now can now offer a total of 11 comfortable double rooms as well as the bungalow.

We should like to remind you that air condition, TV, computer, cell phones, etc. disturb the treatment processes and adversely affect their success, we therefore recommend not to make use of them. Still, we decided to install air condition equipment for accompanying persons who do not intend to sign up for treatments. This equipment can be activated upon request for an additional charge.

TV: You cannot receive European or American channels via satellite, but mostly only Asian stations. As also TV is not conducive for the treatments, we decided not to have the TV sets automatically in the rooms, but also in this case we make available TV and DVD players only upon explicit request and free of charge. A small number of DVDs is available. Also a library features a range of books.